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Wealth management consultant | Technical analysis expert

جهاد الحكيّم,اسراتيجي في البورصة والاسواق العالمية

Economist and leading financial market strategist, who was first to publicly forecast the date of the collapse in Lebanon and its magnitude. Prior to the collapse, he advised people on how to allocate their savings and diversify their portfolios outside the banking sector to be spared from the damage of the disastrous collapse.

MBA and EMBA lecturer in the most preeminent universities at the local and international levels since 2005.
Forecasted live on TV the crash of Gold in 2013, oil prices collapse and its fluctuation intervals in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Wealth management consultant and previous chief financial market strategist for one of the major international financial institutions.

He was a consultant for one of the OPEC countries, and also for the public and private sectors in Lebanon and abroad.

Keynote speaker in various local and international conferences. Hosted by a myriad of TV channels including but not limited to: CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, and others. Withal, he is a Sworn Financial Market Expert before the Lebanese Courts.

Moreover he is the founder and current of Rethinking Lebanon, a movement and NGO that started in 2016 with a primary mission to empower Lebanese youth and guide them on a journey to reshape the future of Lebanon.