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Wealth management consultant | Technical analysis expert

جهاد الحكيّم,اسراتيجي في البورصة والاسواق العالمية

Jihad El-Hokayem is a leading financial market strategist approved by six gulf international televisions, in particular, Al Eqtisadia channel – a Saudi Arabia Main Economic and Financial Television where he intervenes in live broadcasting episodes about international markets, oil, and commodities on a regular basis since 2010.

El-Hokayem was hosted by a myriad of local and international TVs such as CNN, CNBC Arabia, Al Ikhbariah, etc…. Withal, he is a Sworn Financial Market Expert before the Lebanese Courts.

Since 2004, he was an MBA lecturer in the most preeminent universities in the MENA region where he taught Finance and Financial Markets stream courses, strategy, petroleum resource management, and economics. Among the universities he lectured at is Lebanese American University and Balamand where he taught technical analysis of financial markets for graduate students and occupied the position of a Strategist at the Economics & Capital Markets Research Centre (a partnership initiative with Banque Libano-Française) producing daily, weekly, and monthly reports about technical analyses and emergent markets. He was also hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, he is a trainer of both the public and private sectors in various finance disciplines encompassing technical analysis and economic indicators for professional people like financial managers and senior directors. Over and above that, he is an independent dealer in the stock market and a Senior Consultant in Stock Exchange and Business Advisory where he labors as a wealth and portfolio manager.
On the other hand, he participated in national and international conferences and published academic and professional articles tackling economic, business and geopolitical issues.


Because of his stellar academic performance, knowledge, and expertise, he was appointed as an MBA lecturer at the age of 24 in one of the most prestigious and leading universities in Lebanon.

He forecasted live on TV the crash of Gold in 2013, oil prices collapse & fluctuation intervals in 2014 and the decrease in Real Estate prices in Lebanon. Among his major realizations is anticipating in September 2007 the degree Euro might have reached despite the new all-time high levels at that time.

Accuracy and reliability of his regular forecasting on Al Iqtisadia TV Channel made of him a very renown figure in international markets. Currently, he is the only sworn financial market expert before the Lebanese courts.