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Wealth management consultant | Technical analysis expert

Consultancy & Business Advisory:
Market Research for orienting your investment is conducted for reducing the firm-specific risk through diversification and allocation of funds among several sectors questing potential growth in different markets hence ameliorating your asset return.

Training and Seminars:
Incessant practical seminars in technical analysis and economic indicators of financial markets, which aggrandize the investors’ trading skills and acquaints them with online trading, are proffered in Lebanon and the gulf, The three-week practical seminars, once a week for a very limited number of participants (approximately 10), address better trading practices with concentration on technical analysis to forecast the movement of the market and take appropriate positions to manage market risk. So, students have to trade on a weekly basis on demo platforms founded upon the skills and strategies that they acquire. Furthermore, their trading practices are monitored closely at any time through a manager account. The participants are supposed to continue trading one month after the termination of the seminar where we meet in person with everyone for assessing his/her progress and readiness for real trading. Training can be provided on a one-to-one basis across the globe.


    Wealth Management:
    Following in-depth investment analysis, strategic choices for the clients’ portfolio are taken, resulting in asset allocation based on a balance between risk management considerations and the optimization of return.

    Weekly reports are provided in which we forecast the future fluctuation of the market, tracking the various trends and the upcoming trading opportunities with a special focus on commodities in particular gold, oil, and silver. Also, on major currencies Euro/USD, GBP/USD, JPY/USD.